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May 2014

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especially the two former affections. It Bboald« howeyer,

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This is one of the tis^nte remedies adapted io cracking

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randi, pUytulacca and mercuhns, for the mucons membrane

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pit of the stomach, of siukiug," beiug asserted as a char-

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the aciioQ of other restoratives. In the case of iron,

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ing triturntc'.t tbe mass, you stir it again for about four

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Um luatological elements of the tnie skin, in its compo-

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bad better results with the 2x dilution — adding a

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aloototbe spinal cord. It aXuo ia tbe point of locution

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that of ipecac very mnoh, and it can be relied upon in a

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aible remedy here, tho\igh it la not liknlj to finp^rseds^

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■>m*llgtiaDt affections, for inetauce, which might be Um-

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urine £rom vanl of expnUive power in the bladder. He

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iebrile action or not. Insomnia ma^ often be 6acc«sa-

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C. S.. England, reciting two very interesting cases. The

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stone formation has once been fixed it is diflienlt to cor-

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til the effect is attained rather than to risk large dosefl

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Form /or AdministruHon. — 1 have usually employ^^j

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no fuvoriible ux)>erience with it iu the treutineiLt of hcmur-

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" Case Y. — O., aet. 43, farmer in good oiroumstaDC

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stead, there is likely to follow more or less debility of

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ten to thirty grains, largely diluted with water, three or

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eat present in malarious regions, and is liable to follow

is a prescription needed for cavertal

and it will be best to precede its administratiou by the

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if green is too hard to chop easily; hence the common

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arrest that tendeucy to blood depravation which lat« ^

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