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May 2014

Phenergan Tablets Uk


roatoro vital activities, — tiB a conilitioa in which uiedictoa

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I have referred, under Eemedies Which Influence the

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we realize that cathartics disturb the alimentary functions,

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Kffttem, so far aa the application of the special sedatives

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of asthenic fevers and iiiBammatory conditions in subjects

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A center for amghing, supposed to be separate from the

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This case should not take the place of an obstetric

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Form, for j4dminMraium. — This remedy had best be oIih

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be obtained here, the aun^sthesia being prolonged until the

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attested by various Eoleotio physicians for many years,

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syKtem gt^nerally, acting to improve the power of ib^

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Uie Uimperature may be slightly depressed for some time,

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properties. A. sulution of quinine and glycerin (gr. x — xx.

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argus baa not beeu referred to. What is the relationship

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tled upon her lungs. Her physician being cot of town,

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are few euough to prompt examiuation of the merits of

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40itDNlwn with this, ten nr fifteen drnpa nf the npooifio

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fore expoae my i^^noranr^ of the literature of the subject,

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ea^i benetit nntil I used marourias dalois as I reoom-

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